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Discovering VPI:

an imageVPI stands for Vermont Paranormal Investigators. The group was founded in 2009 to assist businesses, families, and individuals who suspect they are not alone. Our paranormal investigations are ONLY driven by factual and scientific proof of the unexplained. In the investigations we have done, we find many of the noises thought to be paranormal activities can be ruled out as being normal sounds that occur from normal activity.

Vermont Paranormal Investigators respects the confidentiality and privacy of all our clients. All consultations are 100% confidential. At the time of an investigation, clients are able to choose the level of confidentiality they feel most comfortable with.

No matter what VPI finds the investigation is always 100% free.

Please visit our Facebook page for the most up to date information, FLIR quizes, pictures, and to follow us "live" during a case.

Investigation Procedures

All our Investigations are always 100% free.

Our goal is to try to help owners feel more comfortable in their spaces, whether it be a home or a business. We try to possibly give you a scientific reason (or debunk) some occurrences. We do this by recording everything with a digital voice recorder, using tools that measure temperatures, electrical frequencies in the air, record everything using infrared cameras, and many other tools. If you have ever seen an episode of Ghost Hunters, we have many of the same pieces of equipment and conduct our Investigations in a similar manner.

We also offer a variety of choices regarding confidentiality. We have a form that we go over with clients when we arrive. This gives each owner their choice of 100% confidentiality to 100% disclosure. Again, we provide this service for owners and we want them to have the choice about how much information is released.

While many of us watch paranormal shows for entertainment, the purpose of our Investigations is not to entertain. We love to help owners, but Investigations also take us away from our families and loved ones. We take our Investigations very seriously. In order to accomplish our mission, we must have a quiet atmosphere to conduct our Investigation.

There are several things we need owners to provide while we conduct Investigations. We ask that any pets be contained in a room of a house. We have had several experiences where dogs have made so much noise that our audio recorders were unusable. We've also had pets move household items, such as plants or bed sheets. This makes reviewing the evidence very difficult for us. Something that may very well be paranormal could also be attributed to pets. When we are unable to document if it was a pet or not, we must assume that a pet was the cause of the occurrence. We also ask that owners do not smoke inside while we are conducting Investigations.

Owners have the choice about where they are during Investigations. We need you there when we arrive to meet with us to go through the areas of your property that typically have the most activity. We also need you to sign our paperwork. Then it is up to the owner what they do. Some clients stay and participate in the Investigation, others leave for the rest of the Investigation, and others do a combination of both. It is all according to your comfort level. If members of a family cannot leave the house during the Investigation and are not taking an active role, we ask that they stay in one area of the home. Again, this allows us to know where noises are coming from and to rule out any of our Investigators, owners, or other people in the home or business.

We usually conduct our Investigations at night since this is when most owners report activity. Depending on the distance we have to travel, we typically arrive between 8 - 9 pm. It takes us about an hour - hour and a half to meet with the homeowner and set up our equipment. We usually collect evidence for 4-7 hours depending on the activity we find. The next step in our process is to review all the evidence. This usually takes us about a month to complete. Upon completion, we meet with the homeowner to go over any evidence we find in your property. You also get a copy of any evidence we find during the review along with a summary describing each piece.

VPI likes to be very thorough from the beginning. Clients are inviting us into their homes and trusting us. We value that trust and try to make our process as clear and transparent as possible. You can also look further at our website for more details about who we are, our equipment, and evidence we have gathered.

If you are still interested in an Investigation we need to schedule a time that will work for you and for us. We usually like to schedule Investigations on Friday nights, but can also do Saturdays when need be. Since everyone on VPI has "day jobs" and other obligations, it is easiest if you email up to 5 dates that work for you, even if it is up to 2 months away.