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Archive 2009-2012:

Our clients' privacy is one of our top priorities. We will only post about Investigations only when the owner has given us permission to do so.

Return Investigation to a Residence

November 9, 2012

Almost a year after our first Investigation in a local residence, we were asked to come back again. The homeown had new expereinces and wanted us to Investigate again. This is the same location where one of our Investigators seemed to be communicating with a strong perfume smell. The homeowner reported that a hand crocheted baby dress was moved from inside to the outside walk. Also more family members had witnessed a long deceased family cat climbing the stairs. While VPI was there, everything was quiet. Other than our new DVR shutting off a couple times, we had no personal experiences. Only the evidence review will tell!

Southern Vermont Residence

October 27, 2012

VPI investigated a home in Southern Vermont near Halloween! With the help of our youngest Investigator to date (age 10), the set up and initial readings went very fast. Reports in this location were of names being called, apparitions appearing in the owner's bedroom, a dog chew standing on its own, many people hearing music being played but nothing playing the music, electronics that will not shut off/turn on, and hearing converstaions.

Southern Vermont Buisness

September 12, 2012

After a quiet summer, VPI was called in to investigate a Southern Vermont buisness. This site has been the location of at least two fires, both in recent memory. The owner reported many different occurances. There was the mysterious movement of a large water containers, sounds when no one was in the buisness, an oily substance from out of no where, and cool breezes for no known reason.

Summer Residence in Southern Vermont

May 12, 2012

In May, VPI visited our smallest site yet. The owner had reported sounds and objects moving. While we were unable to uncover any evidence with our audio or video devices, we hope we helped the owner.

2012 Has Been Busy So Far!

March 25, 2012

2012 has been our busiest year yet! January started with an Investigation back in a very familiar place for VPI. As always, this location was very active. We were surprised to find evidence in new locations. February took us to mid-Vermont. While we not able to find evidence of paranormal activities, we were able to locate a huge electrical issue. The homeowners are having an electrician fix those problems, which we also hope will decrease their experiences. March kept us close to home with a very local case. We continue to review evidence from that case. What will the rest of 2012 bring VPI?

First Investigation of 2012!

January 13, 2012

Our first investigation of 2012 was back at a familiar place. This location has been very active for us in the past and we have been able to document many EVPs here. We are currently training a few new investigators. This will allow us to be more flexible when scheduling investigations. Currently we are reviewing the evidence. Keep checking back for updates!

Experiences from December 31, 2011

January 8,2012

Time to share. During our last investigation,we had the experience of the entire team smelling a floral perfume in the house. The homeowner reported she had never smelled that one before. We checked the homeowner's collection and none matched. One of our investigators seemed to be able to interact with the odor. When she asked questions she could get the perfume smell to come closer or move away. Each time this odor was verified by one of our other investigators. The paranormal contact seemed to indicate it was female, somewhere in the teenage years, but it also seemed to be playful causing doubt as to its age. We moved out of the bedroom, where the scent was first identified, to the living room to see if the scent moved with us. It did! This investigator then began questioning the entity further and we gathered considerable information of personal importance to the homeowner concerning a recently deceased relative. We have reported the whiff of a fragrance in other cases, but none quite as strong as this one. The scent was of the floral variety with a very slight undertone of cotton candy.

We had a great investigation last night!!!

December 31th 2011

The team had a lot of personal experiences on this case- strong scents were reported by investigators and the homeowner. At several points we tried to communicate with the scent using yes or no questions, very intriguing stuff. Right now we are reviewing the evidence. Keep updated on here and on our Facebook page.

Well - we may have something...

February 22nd 2011

After losing a hard drive on our primary web PC, we are putting things back together. The GOOD NEWS is we have many EVP's and maybe some video of one of the small red dots we saw floating around that night! I hope to have them on the site very soon!

Headed North Again...

February 9th 2011

Off to Northern Vermont for a residential investigation where the claims of a haunting pushing a family from their home are becoming too much. Check out our Facebook page for live updates during our investigation on the 11th of February.

2011 More of the same!

January 12th 2011

With 2011 we will be bringing new cases, and new findings! VPI has their first case coming up next month! Stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!