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About Us:

As a professional paranormal investigative team, VPI respects property owners, beliefs, and personal values. It is our mission to seek out the truth behind the stories, and assist with the unexplained. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our organization. With the services provided, there never will be a fee for any service provided by us.

VPI stands for Vermont Paranormal Investigators. The group was founded in 2009 to assist businesses, families, and individuals who suspect they are not alone. Our paranormal investigations are ONLY driven by factual and scientific proof of the unexplained. In the investigations we have done, we find many of the noises thought to be paranormal activities can be ruled out as being normal sounds that occur from normal activity. No matter what VPI finds the investigation is always 100% free.

What We Do:

VPI uses scientific equipment to analyze both paranormal and normal activity. The primary objective for VPI is to look for reasonable explanations for sounds, voices, and other experiences that may, at first notice, seem out-of-place. Many sounds can be traced back to temperature fluctuations, plumbing, heating or mechanical infrastructure within a home or business. If all of our equipment, senses, and witnesses are unable to trace back an activity to a natural source we are left with questions. The questions that are not able to be diagnosed as natural occurrences fall within the realms of paranormal activity. It is important that all clients understand all paranormal activity does not mean spirit activity. Paranormal is something that falls outside the definition of normal.

What We Don't Do:

VPI does not use any tactics that are not scientific in nature. We do not use a Ouija Board, dousing rods, witchcraft, psychics, or any and all religious propaganda. If you request we use any of these tactics, we will try and assist you in reaching a person with this type of knowledge.

VPI will never perform an investigation without written permission of the property owner(s). This is a core value of ours, and would prefer to be contacted only after such permission has been granted. Please ask us if you have further questions regarding this matter

We will never disclose any evidence with anyone outside the team unless authorized by the party requiring the investigation. Moreover, VPI will not disclose any and all investigation information without consent, including the information about an investigation in the first place. Please ask us if you have any further questions regarding this matter.