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We will only post evidence we have permission to post. This means all evidence will not be available to the public.

Only after the owner has reviewed the collected evidence will it be posted here. Check back about a month and a half to two months after each case to see and hear the evidence we find!

ATTN: MICROSOFT EXPLORER USERS: You may have to save the audio files to hear them. To do this right click on the sound, and select save target as...

October 27, 2012

This investigation took place in Southern Vermont in late October of 2012. On this investigation we captured our first video evidence. Upon video review our sharp eyed investigator caught this linen closest door opening twice. The door only opens these two times. The team has discussed pressure changes, movement within the house, and other explinations. No one was moving in the home while this occured, the door never moves as the team is entering or leaving the home, the homeowner reports that she is not aware of this happening. This also shows why VPI requires pets to either be confined to one area of the home or removed from the home during an Investigation! Had the owner's pets been in the home at the time, we would have "thrown out" this evidence because we could not have said they did not cause it.

Door Opening First Time

Door Opening Second Time

September 21, 2012

While investigating a local general store, the team caught a few very clear EVPs. One of our Investigators, Jarrod, enters the elevator to do some KII readings. The rest of the team is elsewhere in the building.

hello elevator

In this piece of audio, Steve is talking about a friend that is a home inspector. There is a deep whisper and a name.


January 14, 2012

This is the first time we have caught an EVP on our camera that has both visual and AUDIO capabilities! Two of our investigators are leaving the room where base camp was located. Listen closely for the sigh.

exhale and sigh

Here is another EVP from this location. One team was sitting together and clearly hear a bang. At the end of this clip, you will hear one of our investigators say, "What was that?" Upon investigation, there were no other people in the area and nothing appeared to have moved. You be the judge!

loud bang

There are many keys to being a good investigator. One of them is to NEVER whisper during an investigation. If you do whisper, you say, "I just whispered" or a partner says, "They just whispered." Here at VPI, we are very good at doing this. So imagine an investigator's surprise when she doing audio review and hears her name whispered, but doesn't respond on tape? Take a listen.


December 30, 2011

Our investigators caught 2 EVPS within seconds of each other. The first one is a 'fff' sound and then a 'yeah' whisper.

Two EVPs

The FLIR (forward looking infrared) photos were taken during our last case, on December 30, when a VPI investigator was interacting with a reported entity. We have now developed the investigative technique of using a burning candle to witness the movement of the paranormal. Movement was confirmed with the use of the FLIR instrument. She was able to get the entity to move away or come close, confirming that movement by the strong scent of perfume and the bending of the heat plume rising from the burning candle at exactly the same moment in time. This is definitely a technique VPI will be using as conditions merit. We always have to keep in mind that we are continually learning. Even experts will admit there is still much to learn about the paranormal.

February 22nd 2011:

Lots of new things on this home investigation. Listen for humming, little child voices, names being called out, and more - use those headphones for the best results as always!!! Also, check back for more from this investigation!

Listen below with your headphones for best results!

Below sounds of a cat purring - there were no cats at this location.

A Cat?

Below is a sound of humming - close to the mic, then fading.

sounds like a "hmmmmmm" fading out - right before Josh asks "what was that?"

More Humming - we got a good deal of humming, and all the team tags when we make noises. We didn't hear the humming with our ears.

Female Humming

Some Humming


Don't touch it - very clear - very odd. We at this time were not touching anything in the home...we were at base camp, with this digital audio recorder far away.

Don't Touch It! (whisper)

We were placing digital Audio Recorders around the home at this point. We placed one in the childs room - and it sounded like we caught a child saying, "that one's mine"

Child Voice, and then some sighs very quiet in the background!

Below is the voice of what sounds to be female saying, "James".

Almost the sound of an erotic "James"

The sound of "Joshua" being said.


Josh thought he heard his name as a disembodied voice...but it may be something different...

You tell us what you think?

March 5th 2010:

Back at it! Very quiet singing or humming. This was much louder when we were there. We hope another digital audio recorder picked it up better, but for now listen below. We hope to have more evidence to come as we are not even close to being done with review!!

Listen below with your headphones for best results!


moan (same as above, but caught on second digital recorder)

Here are three whispers we caught, with the last being the most impressive. Let us know what you think!


Odd Sighs

My God (recorder 1)

My God (recorder 2)

Below is an interesting one. We are not sure what the whole EVP is saying, but it is a whisper that seems to begin with "all" and end with "Josh"!

All *inaudible* Josh

This sounds like a woman whisper "she's up here", right before it there is something else, but it is too quiet to make out.

She's up here

Very loud "GO". This is not a whisper! This was after we entered a room!


Pretty clear whisper, "they left you".

they left you

April 17th 2009:

Same place! Similar findings! We had some sounds of breathing, with some weird echo breaths as well. The best one was a really odd whisper of something sounding like it said, Can you hear her?. We assume this was in reply to the conversation Steve and Michelle were having about our equipment. Very intriguing!

Also check out the They know! after Josh confirms Michelle had her tape shut off. There are also two EVPs where it sounds as if a person whispers the word Drop while we are looking at temperature changes.

Listen below with your headphones for best results!

Odd breath


Can you hear her?

They know!


Another "Drop!"

...But wait - there's more! Check out the "yes", and the creepy woman saying hello! We will post more as we find them...

"yes" whisper

Woman says "hello"

March 13th 2009:

Not expecting too much for our first investigation, you can imagine our surprise when we played back our digital audio recorders. We were able to record some unexpected voices and unexplained sounds. Check out these EVP's:

What was Michelle Called?

Sigh - recorder was alone...

*LOUD* Team was gone - recorder left on (4am)