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When We Learn, We Share With VPI TIPS:

Digital Recorders

We always start with fresh, brand new batteries When you start the recording, state the date and time. We usually place a recorder in an area that has reports of a lot of activity. We ask introduce ourselves and say why we are there. Then we ask questions (who are you, why are you here, what do you want, is there anything you want us to know, etc). Don't forget to allow space for answers We also leave the recorders running for our entire Investigation (anywhere from 3-5 hours), sometimes you get noises when no one is in the room or people are just carrying on a conversation Don't forget to "tag" everything. If someone sneezes, say so. If someone yawns, say it. Bumps into an object, cracks a knuckle, sighs. It will help with the review to know what is going on. The next thing is to listen to the audio. This is the most time consuming. It is very difficult to multitask while listening (I do a lot of knitting while reviewing audio). Also keep a pen and paper close at hand We use various ways to listen. Some of our investigators simply plug in headphones and listen. Others have downloaded Audacity (a free program)


We set all our cameras up facing "hot spot" locations. These would be places where things have been reported to move, people touched, etc. As with the audio, we just let it run during the entire Investigation. We also place audio near the camera, if it isn't already equipped with a microphone Then it's reviewing the footage


It's important to get a base line before you start an Investigation. All electrical appliances and outlets will give off an EMF field. Don't forget about things behind walls or under floor boards. However, most EMF will dissipate rapidly the further away you get. Surprisingly, alarm clocks give off a lot of energy. Pay attention to spikes- ask yourself why are you getting this spike, what everyday thing could cause it


Every time a cell phone sends or receives a signal there is a HUGE jump in EMF.Both these and the CB radios caused major false results with our KII meter and other EMF devices. Walkie-talkies will do the same thing.

VPI tip: Test all your equipment before you are out in the field. It is very important you know your tools before you are on an investigation. Plus do not forget fresh, and extra batteries!!

VPI tip: Use your eyes (even though most of us investigate in the dark) but also use your ears, and your nose. Often smells can appear from nowhere. Due to this not wearing perfumes or colognes is recommended.

Learn The Lingo

EVP = Electronic voice phenomena. (Having a voice show up on a recording that was not heard with the human ear.

EMF = Electro Magnetic Field. (Some feel that fluctuations within EMF levels can detail if a sprit/ghost/presence is close by. Also, it is important to note many many items within a home give off EMF. For example, Cell Phones, Circuit Boxes, Digital Clocks, Microwaves, all just a few of the items that give off high EMF levels. Some feel that high levels of EMF can also cause feelings of dread or paranoia.

Don't forget to question everything! The majority of the time we are able to explain away reports because of faulty wires. Also, just because you don't "catch" anything, doesn't mean there isn't something happening. It simply means your brief snapshot was not of any paranormal occurrence.